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B”H Thank you so much for your help.

My question is: Is it ok (due to the quarantine, etc.) to use/ wear items that have not yet been tested for shatnez with the intention to have them tested (bli neder) after corona? Would it be sufficient to rely on the fabric tags which indicate that there is not a mixture of linen and wool? The items specifically are a dress that says 100% polyester and decorative pillows that have some linen in them, but no wool according to the fabric tag…many thanks.


The reason why we check clothing for shatnez is in order to avoid wearing them just in case they indeed do contain shatnez. Regarding the specific items, it would be best for you to speak to the local shatnez laboratories straight. Here are some phone numbers.

From Hat To Toe Shatnez laboratory Flushing, NY, 347-238-9214
Shatnez Testers of America 718-382-5689
Best wishes

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