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Davening holding a baby


  1. Is it a problem to daven shmoneh esreh while holding a baby? ie is it like having another person in front of you when davening which would be problematic?
  2. How about rocking the baby if necessary?

Thank you!


  1. Yes, it is a problem. A woman should not daven shemona esrei while holding her baby. The reason is because holding the baby ( or any other significant item) disturbs your concentration, because you are afraid that you might loosen you grip on him etc.,
  2.  You should not start shemona esrei while rocking your baby. If the baby starts crying while your in middle of davening and it is disturbing your concentration, you can stop davening and rock the baby until he calms down and then continue davening. This is because we are not allowed to be doing anything while we are davening shemona esrei. If you are too busy taking care of your children you are exempt fro davening, as you are busy doing another mitzva, and this is what H-shem wants you to do.

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Succah 41b, O:CH 96-1, M:B 96-4, Ishei Yisroel 11-21,

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