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Teshuva for breach in tznius


Kvod haRav,
I recently had a baby B”H. I am usually very careful in matters of tznius. At one of my baby’s early visits to the pediatrician I started nursing him in front of the pediatrician (a not frum but Jewish man). At the moment, I thought “its part of his jobs so its not a problem” but afterwards I realized my serious mistake. I am assuming that its outright assur from my understanding. Should I/ how can I do teshuva for this?


B”H you have a feeling of tznius and even though you made a mistake, you want to correct it.

Nursing in front of a man, when you are uncovered is assur, because you are uncovered in places that must be covered min hatorah. Even if you were covered, it is still incorrect, and not tznius to nurse in front of other men, among the reasons is because it will cause them improper thoughts for them to see you that way.

As a side point the Yalkut Meam Loez (Breishis 21, 6-7 D:H Diu- pg. 410) says that after Sarah bore Yitzchok she taught all the women of the generation not to expose themselves even when there aren’t men there, and that a woman that exposes herself in front of other men that it is an aveiro.

The way to do teshuva for this is the same as with other aveiros, 1. Charata- feeling bad for what was done. 2. Viduy- to verbalize and say to H-shem that I have sinned, 3. Kabala al Ha’asid- to accept upon your self that from now on you will be more careful about tznius.

Best wishes


Kaf Hachayim Y:D 116- 147, Be’er Moshe¬† 4-124, Es Loledes 9-3.

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  1. Can one nurse in front of their other children? (Without any blanket covering; the baby pulls it right off).

    1. No you shouldn’t. This is not the way you would want to be exposed in from of your children, and it is very bad chinuch with regard to tznius.

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