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When to keep vest Ohr Zarua


If my wife and I keep the Ohr Zerua before the vest btoras chumra, in what circumstances can we be lenient? Sometimes it can fall out in such a way that we need to separate for 4 or five days straight is it ok to be mekil on one of them so its not consecutive? What I want to know is how strong is taking on this chumra?


Good question. We keep the Ohr Zarua not as halacha but as a chumra, therefore in times of need, such as leil tevila, yotza l’derech, returning from a long trip, when it is a time of mitzva we are not machmir. Additionally when the Ohr Zarua is together with a different chumra, although we will do both, we won’t do both together. For example if her last period started by day, then the onah beinonis will be on day 30 by day and night, there is no need to keep the day prior to that night (and according to some poskim this would apply to any onah beinonis). Also during Yimei Mivucha (for those who keep it), or during the onah of the “Beis Meir’ (short veses after long veses) you don’t have to be machmir.

I hope this makes things clear.

Best wishes


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