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100 Berachos on Shabbos


I daven plag on Friday, can I use the berachos of maariv, washing, kiddush & challah for 100 berachos for Shabbos or since its still light outside, it would go for Friday. Also, benching at the Friday night seudah is said at night but the meal started during the day so can benching be used for Shabbos or Friday? Thank you.


The poskim say that the calculation of 100 brachos starts from the night time, which is the beginning of the new day according to the torah and not from when we start our physical day (the morning). According to R’ S. Z. Auerbach zt”l and other poskim, the brachos are part of Erev Shabbos, however there are poskim that say that it goes for the next day.

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