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Siyum if I don’t remember everything


Hi. Over the course of the past year I have been learning a certain Mesechta. Now, I have about 20 Blatt left to go, but the thing is, I do not remember every single daf, and for some I don’t remember anything at all. When I make a siyum, do I have to know every single daf at that moment, or is it good enough if at one point I did know it? And are there any sources for this? ( I’m not looking to be meikel)
Thank you very much
Kol Tuv,


H-shem should help that everyone should be holding on such a high standard, that when they finish a mesecta they actually remember the whole thing!

You can still make the siyum, because at the time that you learned it, you did understand what you were learning, therefore you did learn it. If there would be a requirement to know everything, almost no one would be able to make a siyum hashas.

Best wishes, and H-shem should help you to finish all of shas and remember it, like your great ambitions


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