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Haircut and laundry after Tisha b’av which is on a Friday


Normally the restrictions last until chatzos on Yud Av. Is this different when Yud Av is erev Shabbos like this year to do laundry and take a haircut?


When Tisha B’av is on Thursday as it is this year (5780), it is permitted to do laundry needed for Shabbos and take a haircut on Friday morning, and we do not have to wait until Chatzos to do so. There is controversy among the poskim if they are permitted from at night, and many poskim permit doing laundry- that is needed for Shabbos- from at night. If it is difficult to wait until the morning it is surely permitted.

Haircuts are also permitted from the morning. Regarding taking them at night, it is preferred to wait until the morning if possible, but if it is difficult them it is also permitted.


Eliyahu Rabba 559-31, Sharei Teshuva 558-2, Derch Hachayim, KItzur Shulchan Aruch 124-20, Eshel Avrohom (Butchatch), Aruch Hashulchan 558-2, Luach Eretz Yisroel, Igfros Moshe O:CH 6- 37, Shmaytsa D’Moshe 558-2, all say that is it permitted from the morning but not from the evening.

Oz Nidberu 8-40(2), Ashrei Hoish O:CH 71-41, NItei Gavriel 88-2, 89-3,5, that what is needed for Shabbos is permitted even from at night if there won’t be enough time to do all of the Shabbos preparations. Lehoros Nossan 2-38, Rivivos Efrayim 2-155( 24), SS”K 42-5 Machze Eliyahu 1-86, Even Yisroel 7-27 permit haircuts and laundry that is needed for Shabbos even from at night.

R’ Nissan Karelitz”zt”l in Kara Olay Moed pg. 62, and R’ Vosner zt”l (M’bais Levi pg. 39) quoted in The Three Weeks pg. 177 ftnt. 15 say that laundry is permitted from at night but haircuts should wait for the morning if possible.



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