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Using a swimming pool as a mikveh during quarantine


Can I use our private swimming pool as a mikveh during quarantine? My husband was in the same location as a corona case at work and we are all in quarantine making public mikveh forbidden. Usually for women a pool would not count, but during quarantine is it allowed?


A pool is not a kosher mikva and it can not be used. As far as I know, just because your husband is in quarantine, that doesn’t mean that misrad habriut will say that you also have to be in quarantine. You should check it out with them. Secondly, if your husband is in quarantine it is quite possible that you should not be having relations, so you wouldn’t be losing out on anything by waiting a few more days until you can go to a kosher mikva.

May H-shem help all of us pass thru these difficult times safely.

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