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Relying on mesiras moda’ah



  1. If I did a chumra three times and I no longer want to continue doing it, do I have to do hataras nedarim, or can I rely on the mesiras moda’ah that we make during hataras nedarim on erev r”h and erev y”k?
  2. Also, does the mesiras moda’ah work if during hataras nedarim I didn’t know what I was saying?
  3. What if I have a safek if I knew what I was saying?


  1.  If you didn’t say that you were going to do the chumra, but you ended up doing it three times, you can rely on mesiras moda’ah on erev Rosh Hashana, but not if you spoke out what you want to do. See the following post
  2. If you knew the idea that you are now being moser moda’ah that is enough, even if you didn’t know the translation of the words. However if you didn’t know that you are being moser moda’ah and what it means then it doesn’t work.
  3. What does it mean you “don’t know if you knew”, please explain what you knew and what you didn’t.

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Rema Y:D 211-1, Salmas Chaim Y:D 62, Minchas Shlomo 1-91(20), Kol Nidrei 73-8, 81-11 in the name of Teshuras Shai  1- 587.


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  1. 3. that I’m not sure if when I did hataras nedarim I knew about the idea that I was being mosar moda’ah, or maybe I had not known beforehand but now I knew by translating the Hebrew into English and realizing that I am saying that…

    1. If you don’t know if you made a mesiras moda’ah , you should not rely on the thought that you did.

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