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Can one read, walk, visit with friends on Tisha B’Av?


  1. Can one read, walk, visit with friends on Tisha B’Av?
  2. Can one take a shower for cleanliness (not leisure) after the fast ends but before midday the following day?


  1. On Tisha B’av we are in active mourning, and we should not do things that will take our mind, and concentration off the destruction of the Bais Hamikdash. Therefore we don’t go for walks, visit friends, or even read things that will divert our attention for the aveilus.
  2. The Ashkenazi minhag is to wait and not take showers, until chatzos (halachic midday), however according to a number of poskim, it is permitted to take  cold shower, especially if you are uncomfortable. This year, since the day after Tisha B’av is on a Friday, we may take a hot shower for Shabbos from the morning. Please see the following link

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1. 554-21, Rema 553-2, M:B 559-49.

2. Regarding taking a cold shower- Hilchos Uminhagei Bein Hamitzarim pg. 218 in the name of R’ Eliyashiv zt”l, Teshuvos Vhanhagos 2-260, Ma’adanei Shlomo pg. 52. regarding Friday- , R’ Nissan Karelitz”zt”l in Kara Olay Moed pg. 62, and R’ Vosner zt”l (M’bais Levi pg. 39) quoted in The Three Weeks pg. 177 ftnt. 15 say that laundry is permitted from at night but haircuts and showers should wait for the morning if possible. Also see The Three Weeks pg. 177.

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