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9 days/ day after tisha b’av


B”H Thank you so much for your help.
1. If someone bought vitamins during the 9 days, and realized that maybe they should not have purchased during the 9 days, do they need to be returned and then repurchased after the 9 days, or may they be kept (and perhaps used if they are for health benefits) during and after the 9 days?
2. Regarding when ladies are allowed to buy clothing etc, is this allowed after mid-day on the 10th of Av? If someone goes by Sephardic, and (if I am correct) the meat and wine is not eaten until nightfall of 10th of Av, would restriction on shopping be until nightfall of 10th of Av, or midday?
Thank you!


1. It is permitted to purchase food and medical items during the nine days, so you have nothing to be concerned about.

2. Even among the Sefardim there are different minhagim, (some permit eating meat even at night, some abstain from eating meat until chatzos). However if your minhag is to abstain until at night, then regarding buying clothing, do whatever your custom is regarding eating meat. Note, this year since the tenth of Av is on Friday, you can buy clothes needed for Shabbos earlier than usual, in order to avoid the pressure of getting everything done in time for Shabbos.

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