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Pest control question


B”H Thank you again.
Is it against Halacha to exterminate mice if the animal will potentially feel pain? This is obviously not the goal, but what does halacha say regarding removing mice if they are in the house and it could (maybe?) impact the food etc, and to do so will kill them? Thanks


It is halachically permitted to exterminate pests, even though it will obviously cause them some pain. This is because the mitzva of tzar baalei chaim- not to cause pain to animals- is not to cause undo pain to the animal, and to prevent them from having pain when possible. However if the pests cause humans pain, it is permitted. It should however be done in a way that will not cause it unnecessary pain, such as using a glue trap, where it’s death is prolonged.

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Nefesh Kol Chai  Chap. 5

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