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Protecting one from Sakanah Covid-19


Given the current Covid crisis are there any rules in Chazel as to how many people are dying a day is it time to close schools and Shuls? How about when to open them? How about opening up the Shuls in a community when giving the fact that this decision effects so many people even if all take the proper precautions as masks only help to limit let say 80% with so many people al pi teva one person will die?


It is hard to imagine that chazal spoke about opening schools and when to open them. We are commanded to protect our health and not to do things that will adversely effect other people. Under the current precautions, if we will take the necessary precautions, wear a mask properly, keep social distancing, etc.this should prevent anyone from getting sick. Additionally, anyone who is high risk should not come to shul. Given these precautions, the doctors have established, that masks, proper hygiene, together with social distancing will reduce the percentage rate of infection to 0% or near it. That being the case we are allowed to go to shul etc. if we will keep the proper precautions.

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