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Attaining Perfection in life


Let’s say a person sets a goal (in my case the religious field) and NOT because of something or someone, is it possible that one day (future tense) I can excel in greatness? If I put in all the efforts and be fully devoted (while single and after marriage) can this goal be fulfilled? I know to put my faith and trust in g-d (always) but can this dream be a reality? Is it possible to fail? Can I reach being the real deal. How can I be certain? Thank you.


It is terrific that you are asking this question, because the yardstick the torah measures for greatness is not at all what you would expect, and it is important for you to absorb this idea. The torah does measures your greatness by personal effort and devotion, not by being perfect without mistakes, or by the fame that our perfection gives us.  Meaning, H-shem and the torah view you as a tremendously successful person because of the difficulty that you went thru in order to do teshuva. You are accredited tremendous reward for accepting upon yourself to change your path in life and start doing mitzvos, even though your acquaintances didn’t appreciate it, and most probably ridiculed you. The answer to your question is resoundingly YES you can excel in greatness, and you are already along the path to accomplishing it.

Another important point. thee are millions of levels of greatness, and perfection that can be accomplished. Every time we overcome a negative desire, or do a mitzva, we are growing in greatness and perfection. This is a life-long goal, and this is the goal that H-shem has set for us to accomplish, each person in their own personal way, In life we are constantly climbing, higher and higher toward the zenith of perfection, until our last day in life. We have an evil inclination, who tries to prevent us from getting to this goal, and he tries to push us down. Our goal in life is to fight him and strengthen our positive inclination, and every time we are successful, and this can be numerous times an hour, we are climbing higher and higher in level of perfection. Yes you can reach perfection, and in fact you are already on the road to getting there.

Best wishes

By the way, this question is important, and other people would benefit from knowing this important piece of Jewish outlook, nevertheless I am respecting your request to keep it private.


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