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Adding spices to soup on Shabbos in a kli shieni


I just listened to a class. The person asked what do you if your wife forgot to spice the soup before Shabbos. He said she pours it from the pot into a serving bowl (this is obviously a kli sheni) and she can now add the spices to the serving bowl. Is this true? Does it depend what the spices are .please explain


According to what the Shulchan Aruch and Mishna Berura say it would be permitted to put spices into a kli sheini that is a liquid, such as soup. R’ S. Z. Auerbach however said that spices that are ground up finely, since they are very small, the heat penetrates it easily and it can cook even in a kli sheini. Additionally, leafy spices such as oregano would be able to cook in a kli shieini similar to tea leaves, and should not be placed into a kli sheini.

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Shabbos 42b, O:CH 318-9, M:B 318-42, SHmiras Shabbos Khilchoso 1-59, ftnt. 174, Shvus Yitzchok 9 pg. 145. There are those who question what R’ S. Z. says see Orchos Shabbos 1 ftnt. 97.

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