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If one missed or skipped parts of davening should say them after davening?


If one missed or skipped parts of davening should say them after davening?
Are there certain tefillos that should not be said?


Here are some of the halachos.

There are certain parts of davening that should not be skipped, such as Al Netilas Yodayim (if it was already said), Elokai Neshoma, and Birkas Hatorah.

Additionally we should not skip Boruch Sheamar, Ashrei, Yistabach, or any part of Birkas Kriyas Shema before davening Shemona Esrei.

Regarding making up the other parts of korbanos and Pisukei D’zimra, according to some poskim it should be said after davening, however some say that they don’t have to be said.

After davening we don’t say al netilas yosayim, because one of the reasons we wash our hands and say abraha in the morning is as a preparation for davening. We don’t say elokai nishoma, because that was included in the bracha of mechayeh hameisim (unless you specifically had in mind that it shouldn’t include it). We also don’t say, birkas hatorah because it is possible that we were already yotza it with saying ahava rabba. It is better to be yotza these brachos with someone else and answer amen. Additionally is one is saying tachanun without a minyan, the part that talks about the 13 middos is skipped.

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  1. So halacha l’maasah should one say the parts of P’sukei D’Zimra that he left out?

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