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Calculating Onah Days


Hi, I need some help calculating my onah days please. Firstly, do you count from the day you saw blood (spotting,) or from the day you felt a flow? I saw blood about 10 minutes before shkiyah (meaning – saw on bathroom tissue but did not yet feel a real flow,) on July 26 – (Hey-Vav Av) and felt a flow on Vav Av. My last period was about 4 months ago. Please let me know what my onah days are. thanks!


According to most poskim you would count from the day of your period, and not from the day of the spotting. Therefore start the counting from Vav. Your onah days would be Hey -Vav Elul, which would be the onah beinonis, and yom hachodesh. Regarding the haflagah, that you would count based on the amount of days it was from your last period.

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Sharei Tohar 4-27, Tzitz Eliezer 6-21(2), Otzros Hatehara pg. 789, Levushei Oz 193 sikum -32, Pischei Halacha pg. 272 that this is the custom.

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