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Food cooked in non koshered oven.



  1. I recently moved into new apartment, previous tenants were not kosher. Do I have to Kosher the oven I don’t have self cleaning mode so how would I do it Temp/Time?
  2. Also I cooked food in there, forgetting to kosher oven if I have to at all, is that Food considered not kosher anymore?


  1. In order to kasher the oven, it should be cleaned out of any gook and grease, then it should be set to the highest temperature for 20- 30 min., so that any absorbed taste gets burnt out, and then it can be used.
  2. In retrospect, the food is still kosher to use, but you are not allowed to use the oven until it is kashered first.

You should have much success in your new apartment

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