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Hard to put tefillin on my arm


I am left handed which means I use my left hand to place my tefilin on my right arm… I had surgery on my left hand which is bandaged and still numb at moments and painful. I have not been able to put on my shel yad. I am very uncoordinated with my right hand so I haven’t been able to put the shel yad on my left arm, especially with the strap tied for the right arm and my hand bandaged. I have been able to wear only the shel rosh. Any suggestions?? Would you send sources as well. Thank you


Since you are left handed, your weaker hand is the right one, even if you can not temporarily use your left arm. Therefore even now, the tefillin may only be placed on the right arm. If you can’t put it on yourself because of the pain or the bandage, have someone else help you tie it to your right arm. It can be someone in shul, your wife, or even a gentile can help you.

H-shem should send you a refuah shleima quickly.


O:CH 27-6, Piskei Teshuvos 27-16.

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