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Non Kosher Food Eaten on Dining Table


I am new to keeping kosher at home, and recently had a guest who brought in non-kosher food and ate it on my dining table. (None of my utensils, plates or glasses were used, and none of the food was brought into the kitchen.) Does my dining table now have to be kashered because of this? I don’t intend to do this again. :/
Thank you!


It is wonderful to see that you undertook the path of achieving closeness to H-shem, and gaining spiritual even though it has numerous challenges.

Regarding your question, unless the food was 1. a hot, solid piece of food, i.e. a hot non kosher piece of meat, and 2. was placed directly on the table (which I doubt happened) then your table is fine and there is no need to worry.

If there is any way that we can assist you in the future please let us know.

Best wishes

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