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Nida-Kesamim garment made of different types of materials


Hi what is the דין if a כתם is found on a garment or the like that is made of fabrics that are both מקבל טמאה and not (they are interwoven), at what point is she טהור (ie is it a דין of רוב)?


See Chok U’zman 2-15, who talks about this issue extensively, and he says that if the garment has a part that is made of mekabel tuma material then the whole garment is considered mekabel tuma. If however the different types of materials are mixed together to become one thread, then there is controversy about it. Sharei tahara in the name of R’ Eliyashiv says that it is still mekabel tuma, however Shiurei Shevet Halevi, R’ Schienberg zt”l and other poskim say that if it is mostly from a non melabel tume material then it is considered not mekabel tuma.

As a side point MInchas Yitzchok 4-118 says that any garment is considered makabel tuma.

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