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Not making sculpted image?


B”H Thank you so much for your help.
My question is: Is it ok to purchase mitzvah items (a washing cup for example) that has 3-D decorations of pomegranates, flowers etc. on it, or would this be a prohibition in anyway? It would be purchased to beautify the mitzvahs…
Thank you.


The prohibition not to make images only applies to celestial beings i.e. the sun, moon, stars, people, idols, or other objects that people worship. Since people don’t worship fruits, and animals, it is permitted to make or keep such images, as they are not avoda zara related.

Best wishes


Mordechai Avoda Zara 840:page 84, Shulchan Aruch 141:6, Divrei Malkiel 6:2:3

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