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Tzitzit of wool or cotton at night


Shalom, Is there any opinion or halakha that says that night is better to wear a wool tzitzit at night?


Essentially we are not commanded to wear tzitzit at night, as the Torah says “u’rieisem osam” – “you should see them”, and since we can’t really see at night chazal learnt that the mitzva doesn’t apply then. This is why women are not obligated to wear tzitzit, as it is a time related mitzvah. According to the Arizal that one should wear tzitzit at night. As far as I know it can be with tzitzit made of cotton, and it doesn’t have to be specifically from wool. See Eshel Avrohom (Butchatch) 21, PIskei Teshuvos 9-2. I am not aware of an opinion that it has to be specifically from wool.

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