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Curse when family member dies?


Hi again,
I was told that when a family member passes away in Judaism , it means there’s a curse on the family?
What exactly does this mean?
And if it’s true how do you go about erasing this “curse”


The idea is a little different than what you heard. The idea is that when a family member dies, it is as a time of din-  judgement and punishment on the family. Therefore the family members should take it as a time for introspection and teshuva. Part of the reason that we get punished, is in order for us to wake up, and pay more attention to our service of Hashem, and to take personal stock of where we are holding in life from a spiritual angle. This in fact is what neutralizes the din. The Midrash (Devorim Raba 5) says that when there is din below, there is no din above. Meaning that when we take the din (meaning accountability) into our own hands and start improving ourselves, then there is not din from above, because now that we are being accountable for our actions, there isn’t a need for the heavens to take care of it.

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