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Toiveling a utensil for someone else with your utensils


I ordered 2 utensils, one for me and one for a gift. The recipient is disabled and I would like to toivel it first for her to save her the tircha of toiveling it.
a) is it okay to do this and do I need her permission first
b) since I am toiveling mine and hers, do i say “al tevilat keilim” or “keli”


It is controversial if you can tovel the kli for your friend, since right now you don’t plan on using the utensil. What you can do, is to tovel both utensils, and make sure to eat something from the utensil before giving it to your friend. For example, if you are giving her a candy dish, tovel it, place some candy inside it, and eat a little from the candy. Since both vessels are yours, you you would say al tevilas keilim.

A kesiva vchasima tova 

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