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Tekias Shofar Questions


1. My mouth gets very dry when blowing the shofar and the kolos do not come out nicely. Am i allowed to drink water during the tekios? If so, would the brocha be a hefsek?
2. If the pitch of the kolos changes in the middle, does that pasul the kol?
3. If the strength of the kol changes in the middle, does that pasul the kol?



  1. Drinking during tekias shofar is problematic, because you can’t make a bracha then. What you can do, is to rinse your mouth with water, and spit it out. This way your mouth won’t be dry, and you won’t make a hefsek during the tekios.
  2. L’chatchila you should try that the kol stays the same throughout, b;dieved though it is still kasher, as long as there wasn’t a hefsek in the kol.

Kesiva vchasima tova


Eshel Avrohom (Butchatch) 590  D:H V’shomati, Seilas Shlomo 58 that the Maharil Diskin was very makpid on this, Kovetz Halachos 17-1, Hilchos Chag Bchag 12-22.

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