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Where to daven on Rosh Hashana


Given the choice, where should one daven Shaharis on Rosh Hashana: in a (relatively small) vasikin minyan in the Rosh Yeshiva’s office, or at a regular time in a beis medrash which will have b’rov am and will be filled with precious bnei torah who learn day and night? (Corona concerns put aside) On the one hand, there is an advantage to davening vasikin, but on the other hand there is a mitzvah to daven in a beis medrash, and b’rov am, and especially to daven together with so many bnei torah is a tremendous zechus.


Daven in the place that you will be able to concentrate better on your davening. Vasikin is a preference, but so is davening in a shul, etc. however the most important factor is where you will be able to concentrate best, as concentrating is the main part of davening.


Piskei Teshuvos 58-6.

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