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Nidda forgoing harchakos


My wife and I were traveling and due to car trouble, we had to cram into someone else’s car. There was very little space and we were forced to sit next to each other on a bench that really could fit maybe 2 children. We tried to distance as much as possible but we were still touching. What I want to know is what should we have done? In our situation was what we did ok, we still didn’t pass things or anything else and we even put a pillow between our arms/shoulders (no room for any other divider)? If it wasn’t ok, how should we go about correcting what we did?


Tough situation. I can’t tell you what you should have done, but I don’t know of any option to the fact that the two of you were touching. Furthermore, without knowing all of the surrounding circumstances, it is hard to suggest an option, especially in retrospect. If what was done was incorrect, you should do teshuva. To correct what was done, Hashem has given us the system of teshuva. Teshuva consist of 3 parts charata (remorse over what was done), viduy (confessing the aveiro to Hashem) and kabala al ha’asid- taking positive steps to ensure that the Aveiro is not repeated.

May Hashem send you and your family a kesiva vchasima tova.


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  1. Many times such situations arise, when a couple is given a ride, by another married couple.
    The host couple sits in the front, and the guests are relegated to the back (sometimes crammed in along with the couple’s children).
    In a case of Niddah, the guest can discreetly ask, that due to halacha reasons, could the host’s spouse please move to the back seat?
    That way, it’s either two women or two women crammed in the back, along with the children, and not a Niddah couple being crammed together.

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