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Shadchan and Lashon Hora


I’m a shadchan and another matchmaker told me that she found out something very disturbing about one of the singles that I work with. She wants to tell me what it is. Should I hear what she has to say? Or is this a problem for Lashon Hora?

If I do learn this information, how do I know if I should convey it to their prospective matches?

Thanks so much


You should hear what she has to say, because for you it is a toeles, so you shouldn’t end up hurting anyone. Remember though that you are not allowed to believe it, but only to suspect it, like all other loshon hora l’toeles.

Regarding how you should convey the information, that depends on the nature of the information, and who it is being told to. This is something that has to be answered on an individual basis.

Have a good Shabbos.

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