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Holding Lulav on Shabbos


Greetings. According to the opinions in the gemara and rishonim who hold there is no real reshus harabbim today, what is their understanding for the mishnah in Sukkah that says that people (where we don’t know) would bring their lulavim on Friday afternoon to shul for first day yomtov on shabbos? If there is no reshus harabbim then there is nothing to worry about.
And why didn’t the same principle of the mishnah itself to take the lulav to shul on Friday also apply to Shabbos chol ha’moed?
Or is it possible to say that the takkana of lulav for all days of Sukkos was not enacted for Shabbos chol ha’moed at all??


What they did then, was only during the time the Bais Hamikdash was standing. After that, we don’t take a lulav at all on Shabbos because someone might carry it to a rov to ask a question etc. Even according to those who say that technically we don’t really have a reshus horabim nowadays, nevertheless the enactment stayed the same. See Bais Yosef O:CH 658-2

Have a kesiva vchasma tova

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