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Learning in the street when there are immodestly dressed women there



I would like to know if it’s permitted to learn, talking or just thinking, in the streets.

I live in area where the goyim are dressed inappropriately.

Thanks a lot!



It is permitted to think in learning even when one can see people dressed inappropriately, but not to talk in learning, say brachos or daven.

A man is allowed to talk in learning while walking in the street, and he doesn’t have to worry that there might be an improperly dressed woman there, unless he specifically knows she is in there, and he can see her.  Therefore, unless it is evident that there are women there immodestly dressed you don’t have to worry about it.

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Shabbos 150a, Magen Avrohom 85-2, Halichos Shlomo (Tefillah) 20-8. See Piskei Teshuvos 75-5, the if the street has immodesty dressed women there practically all the time, then he has to be careful not to talk in learning there.

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