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Tale of 2 Sandwiches


We know that by Mishloach Manos the filling of the sandwich is considered part of the bread in which it is in. [, “According to R’ Moshe Feinstein zt”l and other poskim, if one has a mixture of two foods, that are eaten as one it is considered one type and not like two. Otherwise cholent would be two types because it has potatoes and barley, or kreplach because it is meat and dough, a salad, or a cake which has flour and eggs in it.”]
That being so, if one has 2 sandwiches, lets say hot dog and hamburger, one that he likes more than the second, should he be making the Hamotzei on the one he likes more?
Alternatively, should he make sure to bite into the whole sandwiches to make sure he gets part of the meat after the hamotzei or is it ok to nibble just the bread?
Thank you


He should make the bracha in the one that he likes more. The idea here is that when we make a bracha, it should be with thankfulness and enthusiasm. The more prominent or tasty the food is the more we are excited to eat it, and will (hopefully) say the bracha with more excitement and emotion.  It would make sense that he should also take a bite from some of the part that he likes, as this is the reason that this sandwich is better than the other.

Kesiva vchasima tova


O:CH 211-1, Poskim.

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