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Bugs near/in mouth


I am very careful not to eat bugs and only each prechecked broccoli, spinach, etc. However, today a small bug flew into my mask (obviously for the pandemic). I felt it and then saw it, so I do not think I swallowed it. However, I cannot be sure. If one does swallow a bug in a situation like this, is there anything that needs to be done in terms of teshuvah? Thank you very much for your assistance.


We cannot swallow bugs, even in this situation. However, you don’t have to worry about it, because in all probability, you did not swallow it, and you don’t have to worry that maybe you did. Therefore, there is no need for you to do teshuva.

Have a kesiva vchasima tova

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  1. Thank you. I do not understand the first line though that they “cannot be swallowed”–it certainly does happen to people by mistake on occasion (running, breathing, talking).

    1. What I meant to write was tat we are not allowed to swallow tem, not that physically it can’t be done. Since it is obviously unclear I will change the wording.
      Thanks yoou

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