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B”H Thank you so much for your help. My question is: In the earlier stages of becoming observant, I remember that I took a picture of the cover of a book and some pages inside the book and texted them to someone (the book is a religious book written by a Rabbi and I was trying to show someone how to be helped with something). I realize now- could this be considered theft? I purchased my book, but would it be considered theft to send someone pictures of the cover and a few pages inside? If it is theft, what is the remedy? Do I need to apologize to the author, buy another copy of the book to cover the “loss”, ask the Rabbi how much money is “owed” him due to any potential “loss?” Thanks very much for your help, it is sincerely appreciated!


It is controversial if this is permitted or not, but in retrospect, you can rely on the lenient opinions. Additionally, it is very possible that in your situation the owner would allow it in any case. Therefore, you don’t have to buy another copy, or pay the owner anything.

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