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Copying mp3 files?


if i downloaded mp3 music onto a computer can i then transfer it onto a usb or mp3 player? i never use the computer for music and if i do, it’s usually a jewish music playlist off of youtube or another question i have is if i’d be able to transfer it onto more than one device ( phone, ipod, mp3) if it’s strictly my own device? there was a fine print somewhere that said “By purchasing this music, I agree that the company shall send to me a physical and/or a downloadable version of the items being purchased. I further acknowledge and agree that any sharing, transmitting, rebroadcasting, or copying of the CD and/or the download is strictly prohibited” but it would just be for my own devices and nobody else
all the best :-)


If you paid for the music you can copy to as many of your own devices as you like. The owners of the music understand that a person doesn’t have to buy numerous downloads, one for the car, another for his MP3, and another for the stereo player. What they mean by not copying it, is to give to other people.

Have a kesiva vchasima tova

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