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Amount of Sheva Brachos for divorcee with single girl


how many sheva brachos seudos does a divorced man & single never married girl have? Is it mandatory for family to arrange all these seudos sheva brachos for all the days required or no need to do all of them?


If she is a besula then they have 7 days of sheva brachos. There is no obligation to have sheva  brachos every day, but only if there is a minyan of people there. Most people however try to make sheva bracha, but sometimes there are days that it doesn’t work out. There is no halachic obligation on the family to arrange sheva brachos, and it is usually the chosson and kallah’s family and friends that try to arrange them.

Even if there isn’t sheva brachos, the chosson still has an obligation to rejoice with his wife, and he doesn’t go to work, but spends the seven days together with his new wife.

Mazal Tov


Even Haezer 64-1, Rav Poalim 4 E:H 6, Aruch Hashulchan O:CH 640-14.

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