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Tevilas kelim for “disposable” baking rack


If I buy a baking rack (a wire grill/grate) from the dollar store intending to use it a few times then to throw it out when it gets gross (they are a pain to clean properly) would it need to be toveled? I was previously told that if I do this with cheap aluminum pans I can use them a few times without toveling them would it be the same even if the rack is made of a different metal say iron for example?


Thank you for your interesting question.

There is controversy among the poskim regarding disposable aluminum foil pans, if they need tevila or not. Those who say that it doesn’t need tevila, say that it is really intended for a one time use and then thrown out, therefore it is not considered a kli at all. Those who require tevila hold that although it is thrown out, however often they are reused, until they are thrown out. Your question is different, you are using a good item, (the price is insignificant here), and you do want to reuse it, but you don’t want to be bothered to even clean it, so instead of cleaning it you are throwing it out. That will put it in the category of some that isn’t a kli. If you would be a really rich person and would throw out good pots after each use, that wouldn’t exempt them from tevilas keilim. I think that it is the same over here.

Hearty appetite and have a kesiva vchasima tova


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