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Rosh Hashanah


1. I recently read that many do not eat nuts or vinegar on Rosh Hashanah but that it may be okay if the end product is sweet. Would onions and garlic fall into this category?

2. With respect to nuts, do chestnuts count?

3. And can these be eaten after the holiday ends or does it continue through Sukkot?


  1. You are correct. If the end product is sweet it is fine to use on Rosh Hashana. This idea only applies to sour or very sharp things, but not to onion and garlic.
  2.  The minhag according to many opinions includes whatever is called nut. I haven’t seen anything on this but it would seem to be included.
  3. There are different minhagim regarding this. Some people only refrain on Rosh Hashana, some until after Yom Kippur and some until after Succos.   If you don’t have the minhag to abstain until Hoshana Rabba, you don’t have to do it until then.

Kesiva bchasima tova


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