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Cancer and Fasting


My chevrusah had brain surgery a month ago and is now at Sloan Kettering in NYC receiving chemotherapy and radiation. Is it advisable for him to fast on yom kippur?


May Hashem send your chavrusa a refuah shleima. In order to answer questions regarding eating on Yom Kippur for a sick person, the first thing is that his doctor has to be consulted, because he understands his personal situation. Additionally, we have to find out from the doctor, if he can manage with eating shiurim, (eating less than an ounce of food and less than an ounce of liquid every nine minutes). If a person eats this way, he can technically ingest 80 ounces of liquid and food, in these small increments, and very often he doesn’t need more than that. As stated, this information is needed before approaching a question of this type.

Gmar chasima tova

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