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free shipping/ theft?


B”H Thank you for your help. My question is: I recently ordered something online from a Jewish company. One of the items that I ordered was not in stock, so it was deleted from the order and the price of the item refunded. However that item helped to qualify the entire shipment for free shipping. Without that item included, the cost of shipping would apply, given the company policy…however the company did not charge me the shipping cost because they said they were out of the item. I emailed them and asked them to charge me the shipping cost as the order no longer qualified for free shipping. They graciously refused. (I received an email from someone at the company saying paying for the shipping was not necessary because they did not have the item in stock…I am not sure it was the owner writing to me though…meaning I can not say 100% that the person writing has the authority to waive the fee…). My question is: how should I proceed? Should I email again, and ask to speak to the owner and just confirm the shipping charge is waived? Donate the uncharged amount to charity? Your help is sincerely appreciated. Shana tova.


It would be a different would Rabbonim would only get such honest questions!

You do not have to pay for the shipping and you should be very happy you are dealing with an honest company! You made an order and wanted to purchase merchandise which would entitle you to the free shipping. The company realizes that you should not be penalized for their not having the item in stock and they are waiving the shipping charge as a result (which is the correct and just thing to do). You don’t need to get permission from the owner of the company, as he delegates such decisions to the staff who are in charge of that department.

In jest, I would say that if you really want to donate money to tzedakah, I know of a very good website that you can donate money to…

Have a gmar chasima tova


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