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Sukkah Skach from Wooden Slats


I have a balcony that is directly under a neighbor’s balcony. Am I allowed to use the floor of the neighbor’s balcony which has wide wooden slats 5.5 inches each, and a space of 0.5 inches each in between as skach? The space above the wooden slats is open to the sky.


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Using your neighbor’s balcony is not a good idea. The slats as they are right now cannot be used for schach, they were not put there to be schach of your sukkah. You would have to detach them, pick them up and put them back down again. Even if you would do that, and then it would technically be kasher, the minhag is not to use such slats for schach.

Have a gmar chasima tova


O:CH 531-9, 629-18.

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  1. cool question. you learn about it in mesechtas sukkos but rarely ever see it in real life…

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