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Do monthly/daily tzedekah withdrawals count as separate instances of giving tzedekah?


Dearest Rabbi:

On tzedekah platforms, sometimes I see an option to divide the tzedekah into daily ( or monthly for example instead of paying $180 at once, giving $18 withdrawn from account ten times over ten months. Does this count spiritually as giving tzedekah once or ten times?


The Rambam (Pirkei Avos 3-15) says that it is better for a person to give one dollar to 100 poor people, or one dollar 100 times, then 100 dollars at once. The reason is because each time a person reaches into his pocket to give tzedakah, it is working on his middos, and training him to be a more kind person. Although your question is not exactly the same thing because you aren’t reaching into your pocket each time, nevertheless it would seem that it is better to give it in installments. Giving in ten installment is giving ten times, not once.

Gmar chasima tova


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