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Others potentially working on holidays


Hello, I asked the assistant in my office to do something today and, because it involves multiple people and steps, it is possible that someone will end up working on it on Yom Kippur or another holiday. Is this a problem because the request came from me (even though I did not ask on a holiday or ask them to do it on a holiday)? If it matters, I don’t know if they are Jewish or not.


With the assumption that you are the manager of the company, because if you own the business, it may not be open on shabbos or yom tov. You may not a subordinate to do something when you know that he will have to do it on shabbos. Therefore if you give him the assignment, and give him a due date, where it can get done in a normal fashion, even if the work isn’t done on shabbos, it is permitted, This is because the gentile decided on his own to choose shabbos to do this job. If you know that some of the workers are Jewish that is another story.

Gmar chasima tova



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