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bris zoom invite


Is it permitted for a person to send a zoom invitation for a bris to another person? Is that the same as inviting someone which many have the custom to not actually invite to a bris? Is there a better way of doing it? Please provide sources. Thank you!


If my understanding is correct, you are inviting people to watch the bris via zoom, but they are not actually attending invited to physically attend the bris or the seuda.

The source of this minhag is based on the Rema Y:D 265-12, based on Pesachim 113b, that a person that doesn’t sit with a chabura of mitzvah is in niduy to shomayim. Rashi and Tosefos (114a D:H V’ain) explain that this is referring to eating from a seudas bris or a wedding of a kohenes to a kohen. The Pischei Teshuva Y:D 265-18 therefore says that it is preferred not to invite to a bris meal.

When you send out a zoom invitation, you are only telling the person that he came come watch the bris, (and maybe watch you eat the bris seuda). In fact since the invitation is only a zoom one, it is specifically telling the person that he is not invited to the bris or the seuda. Therefore I don’t see any issue with it.

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