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Eating Kosher in Sukkah


I am in the process of becoming more observant of the Mitzvos, including Kashrut, however my family’s kitchen isn’t completely Kosher and it is very hard for me to access kosher food so often I end up eating non-kosher food. However, on Sukkos I would like to fulfill the obligation of sitting and eating in the sukkah, am I allowed to eat unkosher food in the sukkah?
Thank you, Chag Sameach


It is very nice to see that you are starting your journey, to becoming more observant, please let us know if there is anything with which we that we can help you.

Regarding your question, it is difficult to answer you. On one hand it is beautiful that you want to eat in the succah, but on the other hand, I can’t tell you that it is permitted to eat non kosher! One thing I can say is that in order to fulfill the mitzva of eating in the succah, and to make the bracha for eating in the succah, you have to eat about 2-3 ounces of kosher bread or cake.

The succah is considered a place of the divine presence, reminiscent of the clouds of glory that accompanied the Jews when they traveled in the desert, and even just sitting in the succah even without actually eating is also considered a mitzvah.

May Hashem send you much success in finding kosher food to eat, and you should merit to sit in the succah and fulfill the obligation, to it’s fullest.

Best wishes for a happy Yom Tov


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