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Metztaar potur min hasuka


Thank you so much for such an amazing website!
I live on the fourth floor of a very high building in Jerusalem, while my sukka is on the ground. Unfortunately, due to building issues, I am unable to use the roof for my sukka. To get to my sukka is quite the hassle, and recently someone commented to me that I should be potur as I am mitztaar. Is this true ? Should I not be making a Bracha of layshav besuka?


Thank you for the compliment.

Rest assured, you may make the bracha layshev b’succah, and going down four flights of steps is not considered mitztaer. Mitztaer is when that actual sitting in the succah is a tzar, not the getting to the succah.

Have a good Yom Tov


Rashi Succah 26a, D:H Mitztaer Poskim

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