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Bracha on smelling Esrog on Succos


  1. Can the Rav please clarify whether after shaking the lulav and esrog, people should be discouraged from smelling the esrog, as per the end of OC siman 116 that says it’s a safek whether to make a bracha?
  2. Also, even if someone is holding an esrog not for the mitzva, but just to smell, should he make the bracha of “baruch..nosson reich tov bpeiros”?
    I have never seen anyone do that, but wanted to know if it’s ignorance or is there something I’m missing…
    Thank you so much for this wonderful service!


What you are writing is very correct. We don’t smell the esrog on Succos because of this reason. It is controversial if we have to make a bracha on smelling it or not. Therefore the Shulchan Aruch 216-14 says that it is preferred not to get into a questionable situation and just don’t smell it. According to the Mishna Berura, this would even apply when the person is not using the esrog for a mitzva. See Biur Halacha 216 D:H Hameriach. You are not missing anything, you are¬†right on the mark!

Have a good Yom Tov

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