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Knas for neder


I made a neder to hashem that if I do zera levatala without distracting myself for 30 minutes first ill pay 350$ knas and if I distract myself for 30 minutes than knas is 250$. I made the neder for 7 days at a time but I fell 2 times on day 6 which totaled 600$. this neder was made without witnesses. is it a binding neder and do I have to take off maaser first?


Thank you for your question.

It is very nice, and quite courageous to take on something so strong, and it seems that you are indeed a serious person. May Hashem help you in you strengthening your self. If you need any assistance please let us know.

Regarding your question, a person that spoke out a neder has to pay it even if the neder was not made in front of witnesses. The idea of the neder is something between you and Hashem. Regarding taking maaser off the money that you are giving to tzedakah, it would seem that you should take off maaer before giving the money to tzedakah, the reason being, that this knas is a personal obligation, therefore maaser is separated before fulfilling on’es personal obligations.

Hashem should send yo much siyata dishmaya.

Have a good Yom Tov

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