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Swimming pool for chafifa


Can I use a swimming pool instead of a bath in preparation for the mikvah? I’m on vacation with my family and my room does not have a tub, I was wondering if I stay in the pool with modest swimming attire (long sleeves and skirt) can that be used instead of a half hour bath I usually do before showering and preparing for the mikvah.


Assuming that you have a kosher mikva to go to, and the rest of the chafifa, and checking process will be done correctly, the idea of being in a bath is in order to soften the skin. This can be accomplished in a swimming pool, but the main part is the actually cleaning and checking your body, which you will be doing when you shower. Additionally, being in the pool will only be advantageous if you will do the rest of the chafifa right afterwards. A woman that doesn’t have a bath may do her chafifa in a shower.

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