1. Should wives have their own set of aravos to hit, or can they use their husbands? (Even though the husband has alright hit them)?
  2. Can you take the sukkah down on Hoshanah Rabbah?


  1. Halachically one person can use the used hoshanos of someone else, ( as long as there is still a leaf attached to it).  The minhag among many however is to buy hoshanos for each person.
  2. In general, we do not take down the succah on Hoshana Rabba, except if there is a need to do so,  i.e. the area is needed for a yom tov minyan, you are moving to somewhere else, and you need to erect the succah somewhere else.


Have a good Yom Tov


1. Piskei Teshuvos 664-3.

2. O:CH 666, 667.

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